28 Acres of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Rows of pumpkins in a field
A tractor at work in the fields
Solar panels at The Balloon Tree

Between Farmer Will’s long career in the horticultural industry and our MD’s career in growing strawberries, there is a wealth of agricultural experience which is allows us to still develop year on year providing visitors with the fundamental crops they have grown to expect from us.

Over the past few years we have begun to evolve on certain growing methods and techniques to make the farm run more efficiently and maintained more easily. The main example of this is our table top strawberries. We have grown raised beds of strawberries for many years, however, in late 2018 we installed our first plots of table top strawberries. These sit roughly 4 feet off the ground and make the whole process of strawberry farming much easier from planting to harvesting. Having the strawberries raised in this way also aids in limiting the diseases they can catch, treating them regularly and of course for those on PYO. We now have nearly 7 kilometres of strawberry tunnels.

Although strawberries are our main crop, we have grown quite the reputation for our asparagus. The light and sandy soil that we are fortunate to have gives the asparagus a unique flavour which can only be replicated in these conditions.

In addition to the physical farming of fruit and vegetables on this site we also do hold ourselves responsible as custodians of the countryside and actively encourage a plethora of wildlife by planting unused farming space with clover and are investigating the practicalities of housing bees on our land.

We also farm natural resources such as sunlight. In our “Bridge Field” there are 360 solar panels which as well as feeding into energy of the business, also feed back into the national grid. Obviously, this can be seasonal due to daylight we get all year round.